Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement (PSQM) PSQM, the perceptual speech quality measurement technique as developed by KPN Research, the Netherlands, and recommended by ITU-T recommendation P.861 for the objective analysis of speech codecs (300...3400Hz bandwidth) represents one of the state-of-the-art measurements for speech codecs, like CELP and waveform codecs.

Having been the sole point of PSQM licensing in the world since 1996, OPTICOM has been instrumental in the commercial introduction of PSQM and the technology of perceptual measurement as such. Because of its close relationship with the developers, OPTICOM makes use of the original reference implementations for perceptual measurements that formed the basis of the ITU standards. OPTICOM was also a major developer and project coordinator during the development of PEAQ/ITU-R BS.1387, the world standard for perceptual wide band audio quality testing. Today, OPTICOM's techniques and tools are not only available for licensing, but can also be found in well known products from many industry partners.

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